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Prime Brokerage

We offer a range of prime brokerage services to our clients, including financing, swaps, custody and clearing services via a globally integrated trading platform. Our clients have direct access to various multi-asset trading platforms such as EMSX, Real Tick and IRESS. We also facilitate margin financing on positions across asset classes that are executed through our own trading desk, which supports direct access, algorithmic and voice trading.

With an industry leading platform, we offer profound expertise across a breadth of products, including swaps, futures, ETFs, and derivatives via global exchanges or through OTC.

Prime Services

AxCap247 Prime Brokerage is a firm for hedge funds to access the firm’s global platform. We seek to help funds successfully build their business by creating connectivity to Banking, Research, Sales and Trading, and Corporate Access for our clients. Prime Brokerage provides a full-service offering including securities lending, financing, swaps, a high-tech platform, and business consulting services for both start-up and existing firms.

AxCap247 provides customers with a distinguished experience using a risk-based model to allow for better pricing and stability, in addition to a significant pool of lending assets.

AxCap247 Swap Product offers a full set of solutions including single stock equity, custom baskets and structured funding.

Securities Finance & Synthetic Prime Brokerage

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