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We use four main trading platforms to conduct our trading activities and they are: Bloomberg Terminal, IRESS, Real Tick and Trading Platform.

Bloomberg Terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer software system provided by the financial data vendor Bloomberg L.P. that enables professionals in the financial service sector and other industries to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor, analyse real-time financial market data and execute order through EMSX (Execution Management System).

IRESS is a comprehensive live-streaming web-based trading platform and market analysis platform designed for the intermediate and active trader.


Real Tick

Real Tick provides with a single powerful platform, enabling us to take full advantage of the latest execution services, electronic products, trade enhancing functionality and liquidity pools, in order to maximize trading opportunities and investment strategies: Latest Broker Algorithms.

Trading Platform is the simplest and the most convenient forex trading platform. trading platform is a platform for trading Forex, Commodities, CFD and analysing financial markets. The platform allows to collaborate with leading trading and analytical software, which can also provide expert trading advises based on algorithmic data input.

Trading Platform

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