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Interdealer Broking

Interdealer broking is a process of acting as a mask to the market. Many funds, broker, traders or dealing desks want to hide the fact that they are in fact dealing in a certain company share. By placing these orders to trade through an interdealer broker the market would not be able to see the underlying entity who wishes to acquire/ dispose of the shares. This is a more expensive process for the entity wishing to trade but does ensure they retain their anonymity from certain market participants. As a member firm and Market participant Axis Capital Markets can trade on behalf of our clients or counterparties upon instruction.

Axis Capital Market facilitates the flow of capital and investment through the financial system. Market participants can use Axis Capital’s broking services to assess trading availability and successfully execute trades. Our brokers locate and identify potential trading interest to create transparency, liquidity and facilitate the price discovery process.

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